01: Unveiling the Artistry Behind the Notes and Lyrics - Mezzaluna

In a candid conversation, Mezzaluna, talented singer-songwriter, opens up about her musical journey and the unique path she's carved for herself, distinct from her legendary father's legacy. "I’m a singer-songwriter, just recently graduated from university with a background in Anthropology and Political Science," Mezza introduces herself. Her eclectic academic pursuits provide a rich tapestry of experiences that undoubtedly infuse her music with depth and meaning.

When asked about her biggest source of inspiration for pursuing a musical career, her answer is unequivocal: "Amy Winehouse, 100%. Her voice comforts and reassures me and I’m sure many women with such deep singing voices."

Being the daughter of a musical legend inevitably comes with both advantages and challenges. Mezza acknowledges this duality, recognizing that while perceptions of others are unavoidable, the true challenge lies in establishing her own distinct artistic identity, separate from her father's image.

Growing up surrounded by her father's music, one might assume it heavily influenced her own musical tastes. Surprisingly, Mezza reveals, "I rarely ever voluntarily listen to my dad’s music, but I grew up with it and went to his concerts often enough that I know most of his songs. We definitely have pretty different musical tastes though."

Jazz emerges as a pivotal influence in Mezza's musical journey. Learning to play the guitar through jazz music has had a profound impact on how she composes her songs, with many of them featuring intricate jazz chord progressions. Her songwriting process is deeply personal, akin to "writing a diary in the form of music." Her recent singles, however, take a different turn, drawing inspiration from fictitious narratives, showcasing her versatility as a songwriter.

When it comes to finding inspiration, Mezza dispels the notion of specific places or routines, attributing her deepest insights to moments of introspection. She humorously notes, "Being sad gives you more inspiration because you have nothing else but to feel things more deeply."

Looking ahead, her aspirations are ambitious yet grounded. She envisions sold-out shows and hopes to use her music as a platform to make a positive impact on her country. As parting advice for those struggling to find their own artistic voice, she imparts a timeless truth: "Just don't try to be someone else. Connect with yourself and discover what you like and enjoy, so you won't lose who you really are along the way!"

In Mezza's candid words, we find not only a reflection of her artistic journey but also a universal message of authenticity and self-discovery for artists everywhere.

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