At 2PEACOCK Group, we take great pride in crafting an unparalleled experience for our community, affectionately known as our FRIENDS & FAMILY. As we offer lines of essentials, our overarching goal is to imbue our products with a symbolic value, delivering confidence to each individual we serve. With this in mind, you can regard us as a place where all essentials are elevated.


2PEACOCK stands by two values in delivering the best pieces for our FRIENDS & FAMILY: comfort and form. We meticulously design every undergarment piece, seamlessly blending comfort through a process of trials and errors. Our commitment prioritizes quality while upholding its visual appeal as a cornerstone. At 2PEACOCK, we ensure that each garment reflects our dedication to maintaining our values.


Founded in 2020, HABIT of 2PEACOCK has already gone through a significant improvement journey. While maintaining the value of delivering well-crafted essentials, we are now reborn with a new face in 2024, committed to capturing both creativity and craftsmanship in every piece. HABIT of 2PEACOCK will continue to focus on delivering this value through the creation of perfumery products.